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previewPreview, a free program included in every Mac OS X installation, has powerful ability to edit, annotate, merge and even add images to a PDF file. It makes it easy to view and work with PDF files and you are allowed to quickly select text or images from PDF and copy & paste them into other applications for other purposes. You are able to find the target content easily and quickly thanks to the Spotlight technology. With the sidebar, you can read the text, learn the number of matches per page and see a thumbnail of the page.

Along with the sound PDF editing capabilities, Preview is also an image viewer and editor. You can work on all formats of image freely with the program, such as resizing, rotating, cropping and converting images to a range of formats. Preview even includes easy controlling on image color, exposure and sharpness.

Compared to plenty of expensive software available in the market nowadays, Preview is phenomenal and often overlooked. It is basically a mastered PDF editor and there is no download required, and above all, it is free of charge. If you are looking for a free PDF editing solution, we highly recommend the Preview app which is now included in Snow Leopard.

Key Features of Preview

  • View and edit PDF documents, as well as image files.
  • Create PDF, and highlight text, add annotation, move and insert pages, combine PDFs in several ways.
  • Add signature to your PDF documents with a digital web camera.
  • Adding and editing hyperlinks in PDF is permissive with Preview.
  • Provide you with robust and super fast performance.

How to Edit PDFs with Preview in Mac OS X?

Part One: Use Preview to Highlight Your Text

Step 1. Right-click on your PDF and choose "Open with Preview".

Step 2. Use your mouse to select a line of text in the PDF and click "Tools" in the top menu. Choose "Mark up" > "Highlight Text" from the scroll-down list.

highlight pdf text

Step 3. Your selected text should be highlighted in yellow. You can also underline and strike through text by clicking the options of "Underline Text" and "Strike Through Text".

Part Two: Annotate and Note Your PDF with Preview

Step 1. Open PDF with Preview like the way above.

Step 2. Navigate to the top menu and click "Tools" button. Scroll down to "Annotate" and hit "Add Oval". Hold and drag your mouse to draw an oval to surround some text.

Step 3. Turn to the bottom-right corner of the interface and double-click on the gray square. Then, go to change the color of the oval by clicking on the "Color" box. You can also adjust the thickness of the line and make a dashed outline.

Step 4. Click "Tools" again and click "Annotate" > "Add Note" in turn. Click the PDF where you want to add the note and double-click on the note.

Step 5. Go into the window of "Annotations" and hit on "Icon" to select what kind of note you want to add. This step can change the icon next to the note window and you can also change the color of the note and icon.

Step 6. Finally to type your note in the note box.

annotate pdf

Part Three: How to Merge PDFs and Move/Insert Pages

Step 1. Merge PDFs: Go to the "Finder" again and locate another PDF you want to add to the end of the current PDF. Drag and drop the entire PDF into the sidebar which is below the last page of current PDF. Then, the combined PDF file is created.

combine pdf

Step 2. Move pages: Open PDF in Preview. Select a PDF page that you want to move from the sidebar and drag-drop that page to another place where you want to place in the document.

Step 3. Insert pages: Navigate to "Finder" and browse an image that you want to add to the PDF, drag it to the sidebar in between two pages.

What's Next?

Editing PDF with the built-in Preview on Mac is workable if you only need to do a few simple editing tasks. However, Preview is not professional PDF editing software. Want to find another PDF editing program with advanced features? Have a try with PDF Editor for Mac, which enables you to add, modify, move and delete all the content of PDF files directly in any language. With it, you can right-click to edit PDF content directly and even convert PDF to fully-formatted Word documents for other use.

pdf editor for mac

Download PDF Editor for Mac to edit PDF on your Mac right now and then read the guide of editing PDF files on Mac to learn how to edit PDF with this software.

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Tips: Windows users can click here to get the PDF Editor for Windows >>

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User Comments

You have very good products and exceptional user support. I’ve recommended them to numerous friends. - Kelly Davis

I have been using the PDF Editor for a couple of week and it works well. I have tested all the functions and I am really loving it! - Bryan O'Neil Hughes

This software offers all my needs for PDF editing. It helps me freely edit PDFs just like a Word Processor and convert PDF to my desired format with excellent output quality. I do like this software. - Ashley Still

It is one of the best PDF editors that I have tried. It is simple to install and use and the OCR plug-in is a good idea for editing and converting scanned PDFs. - Julie Kmoch



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